A little tour of our nursery (so far)....

While we're not completely finished decorating little Zachary's nursery just yet (yes, that's the name we chose!), I thought I'd share some photos now. After all, once he arrives I'd probably never get around to it.

Our nursery contains several DIY's...
First off, we turned a basic Ikea chest into a change table, thanks to my father - who built a fitted box that sits snugly on top. It holds a change pad and even has a separate space for baby products. It's great!

I bought this adorable felted garland from Anthropologie - it's supposed to be a Christmas tree garland, but I think it makes a cute nursery addition.

As I already posted about here, I made some fabric bunting flags to hang above the crib. 
(they were so much easier to make than I thought they would be)

Another fun DIY was making this big chalkboard from a piece of wood, which I simply painted with chalkboard paint and mounted to the wall (again, thanks for the woodwork help, dad!).

(of course I couldn't help but draw on it once it was up on the wall and begging for attention!)

Well that's all for now... 
I think the room is bright & light & welcoming.

Now if only the little guy would arrive already!


  1. So cute! Everything is adorable! He is going to love his nursery so much! :) I love what you drew on the chalkboard. How cute!

  2. how sweet!


  3. It looks so good! So many great details, little Zachary is going to love it :)

    I love the chalkboard, that will be a hit with the little guy for years!!

  4. This is perfect! So light and airy, simple yet fun. Can you design mine?

  5. it looks so inviting
    hope he arrives soon

  6. It looks beautiful and I adore the name:) I am so exited for you, darling!!! xoxo

  7. It looks gorgeous! I love all the personal little finishing touches. So excited for you!

    louisejoyb x

  8. It's precious! I love the garland and the bunting and the big letter Z! What a lucky little guy!

  9. Wow you did a great job! Very lovely nursery :)

  10. What an adorable nursery! I'm so happy for you - and so excited. Hopefully he makes his big debut ASAP! Congrats!!

    Also, thank you for my congrats too. So happy to be entering motherhood with so much wonderful support!


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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