Hey, it's December this weekend - let the festivities begin!

I am so excited it's December, and Christmas is just around the corner. 
Merry, merry, joy, joy!

And oh my goodness, there are so many beautiful handmade holiday things on Etsy. 
I could peruse it all day long! 

(Above: woodland animal greeting cards - Jahnavashti)

Holiday chalkboard sign - LilyandVal

A cookie plate for Santa - ohNOrachio

Rustic timber ornaments - HabitatHandcrafted

Hand stamped silver plated holiday teaspoons - theloosegoose

Burlap banner - theartofhandmades

Vintage deer candle holder - WhatsNewOnTheMantel

Have a fantastic weekend, and a happy start to the best month of the year!

Adorable & unique advent calendar ideas...

I love all these unique homemade advent calendar ideas from Martha Stewart.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved advent calendars. Who am I kidding, I still love them. I remember my brother used to open all his little doors way too early and eat all the chocolates, but I was always so disciplined... although I admit that I would sometimes sneak a peak to see what was awaiting me behind those secret paper doors.

When little Zachary gets older, I will definitely be making something like this, with individualized treats and trinkets for each day of December.

A baby sock clothesline advent calendar
Isn't that crazy cute?!

A mini matchbox advent calendar

(All photos from Martha Stewart)


the moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow...

We spent our first night away from home with little Zachary this week. We drove out to the country to visit my parents. Turns out Zach loves car rides - which is a big relief since his parents love to travel!

It was so beautiful out in the country.... a light dusting of snow and a big bright full moon. 
Winter is really coming and I couldn't be happier.

I hope you're having a lovely week so far.


Lady Grey Loves... Burlap sac throw pillows

Aren't these gorgeous?
They might be a bit rough on the skin, I imagine, but the texture is beautifully rustic.

From The Watson Shop on Etsy


Chewy Chai Tea Spice Cookies

I made these festive cookies before I gave birth but never got around to posting them.
They are soooooo good dipped in coffee or tea.
Cardamom is probably one of my favourite spices, and these cookies are loaded with it. They are warming & comforting and absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Read on for the recipe...


Sunday morning sweetness....

 Zachary is my entire world these days.
He fills my life with such pure sweetness.

True there are times in the middle of the night when he screams non-stop, and he brings me to desperate tears because I can't figure out what's wrong, and I feel like a complete failure...

But these hard times are always followed by more sweetness and outpourings of unconditional love, and I realize that I must be doing at least some things right.

I wish you sweet Sunday as well.


Lady Grey Loves... a festive knitted moose head!

Aren't these awesome?!
Too bad they cost upward of $400!
Still, I really want that moose head for Zach's nursery... it would be SO cute in there.

(from Anthropologie)


Nine days in and completely in love...

So we've survived our first week with a newborn. 
It seems like everyday gets a bit easier, which is encouraging because it's been pretty hard. 
But the love I feel for this tiny little being is all-consuming, and beyond any other love I have ever felt before - There is nothing I wouldn't do for him. 
It amazes me how instantly attached parents become to their babies. I guess that's nature's way of protecting them.

I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude... that I have a healthy baby boy, that breastfeeding is going remarkably smoothly, that I have the world's best husband and an incredibly supportive family.
Life is very good indeed!

Have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and family.


A little bit of sparkle for your holiday season

Now that my giant pregnant belly is gone going away, I am once again inspired to look at clothes again.
And I love love love this look of pairing a sparkly sequinned skirt with an unassuming bulky sweater. Gorgeous!

(dotted sequin skirt from Madewell)


Welcome to the World Little Zachary!

He finally arrived!
Five days after his due date, after starting to believe he just might stay in there forever, I finally went into labour.

Born November 13th ar 2:10pm, weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces.
He truly is a miracle.

We've been home with Zachary for a few days now, and I can't exactly say that it has been easy.
Still, he is the most amazing thing to ever happen to us, and I am completely overjoyed.

Wish us luck surviving those first few weeks!

Vanessa (a very proud mamma)

ps: Zachary's nursery on Apartment Therapy!


The Weekend in Photos....

Well it's been another lovely but babyless weekend in my world.

We devoured some delicious vegan burgers at Aux Vivres, spent some time in the country, admired the beauty in the decaying of autumn, helped my parents stack wood for the winter, went for several long walks, and had a wonderful meal cooked for us by some wonderful friends.

All in all, life is good, and I can't complain.

But no matter how hard I try to distract myself with family, friends and food, there truly is only one thing on my mind these days....

Oh when will you come, my little man?
I am 4 days passed my due date and you seem as snug as a bug in there as ever.


Happy Friday & happy weekend to you!

Well another week has passed, along with my official due date (yesterday), and still no baby.
Things are starting to feel pretty restless around here. My husband and I (both workaholic MDs) are not exactly used to sitting around waiting & doing nothing. 

It's probably the baby teaching us our first life lesson in patience, surrendering, and letting go of our former selves...

I'm trying to stay positive and think that way,
but honestly, it's getting hard.

It seems clear to me that we need a change of scenery. 
So we're heading out to the country today to get out into nature... it's only an hour drive from the hospital, so if something finally happens, we'll still be ok!

I wish you a lovely weekend.
Please send labour vibes my way ; )



A little tour of our nursery (so far)....

While we're not completely finished decorating little Zachary's nursery just yet (yes, that's the name we chose!), I thought I'd share some photos now. After all, once he arrives I'd probably never get around to it.

Our nursery contains several DIY's...
First off, we turned a basic Ikea chest into a change table, thanks to my father - who built a fitted box that sits snugly on top. It holds a change pad and even has a separate space for baby products. It's great!

I bought this adorable felted garland from Anthropologie - it's supposed to be a Christmas tree garland, but I think it makes a cute nursery addition.

As I already posted about here, I made some fabric bunting flags to hang above the crib. 
(they were so much easier to make than I thought they would be)

Another fun DIY was making this big chalkboard from a piece of wood, which I simply painted with chalkboard paint and mounted to the wall (again, thanks for the woodwork help, dad!).

(of course I couldn't help but draw on it once it was up on the wall and begging for attention!)

Well that's all for now... 
I think the room is bright & light & welcoming.

Now if only the little guy would arrive already!
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