One handed.

One handed - that's how I do most things these days.

Eating, brushing my teeth, putting in/removing contact lenses, washing my hands individually (this takes mad skill!), typing, reading, and cooking... I've mastered all these tasks one-handedly while holding a baby with the other.

(although I must admit, I've yet to master the art of taking iphone photos one-handed... I find it impossibly awkward!)

I never imagined I'd require skills like this... but there's a lot they don't tell you about motherhood that you have the pleasure of discovering on your own ; )


  1. So true ahaha we become the best multi-taskers that's forsure!

  2. you guys look like you belong together :) :)

  3. You are awesome! :) And you look great! :)

  4. You are a great multi-tasker and you both are so adorable:) Have a cozy day. xoxo


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