Weekend Moments... Vacation is oh-so-sweet!

We've had a gorgeous weekend in sunny Naples, Florida.
And with all the extra hands around to hold Zachary, I've been able to indulge in a lot of R&R.

Above: Nutella french toast for breakfast - delicious : )

And I took Zac for his first ever swim in a pool. He wasn't sure at first, but soon enough we were splashing around in that beautiful 4 o'clock sunshine.

Other than that, we ate a lot, walked a lot, and slept as much as we could with a 12 week old boy.
It was brilliant!

I hope you had a brilliant weekend too.


  1. Those photos are dreamy and I am so happy that you had a lovely time. It's good to hear that you relaxed and had some delicious food. yum! Kisses, darling.

  2. Wow, so nice pics and looks like you had amazing weekend. Have a great day.

  3. The peace emanates from the photo's, so good to see baby and mama getting the sun!


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