Four months old...

At 4 months old, Zachary has become quite the little character.
He loves to smile at people, and yesterday he full on laughed for the very first time.
He loves to roll over onto his side, and bounce around in his jolly jumper.
He's so interested in the world around him now, sometimes it's hard to breastfeed him because he just wants to watch what I'm doing, to take everything in, and not miss a thing.
And he's finally learning to fall asleep more independently... although there's still plenty of work to be done in that department ; )

My dearest boy,
with every month that passes I fall even deeper in love with you.
You are such a source of joy in my life.
Thank you for giving me this most incredible experience of being your mother.


  1. Oh my what a cutie patootie lil guy!!! Those boots are SO cute and aww he has such beautiful eyes!! =) Happy 4 months!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I can't get over those eyes! Such an expressive little guy. You can tell he has a ton of character already just from the photos.

  3. What a little darling! Beautiful photos :) Happy 4 months little guy!

  4. He is such a beautiful boy Vanessa, already 4 months old, wow!

  5. He is such a beautiful boy Vanessa, already 4 months old, wow!

  6. Oh that face! He just gets cuter and cuter! Beautiful pics:)

  7. Vanessa he looks more and more like you the older he gets!


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