this morning, taking pictures...

My next door neighbour up here in the north is a very talented photographer, and she came over this morning to take pictures of us... you know, doing our thing.

Zac was sleeping when she arrived and I couldn't believe that he slept through a bazillion shutter snaps right in his face. We even picked up the crib and carried it closer to the window light and he didn't even wake up then!
(Why is it that other times he wakes up when someone sneezes or merely flushes the toilet?!?!)

Anyway she already sent me a few pictures as a sneak preview, and they are gorgeous! 
I can't wait to see the rest.

Catherine also did my pregnancy photos. It's wonderful to have such talented friends : )


  1. Gorgeous. So simply gorgeous. What a kind neighbor.

  2. oh wow. these are just beautiful. how special to have such a lovely neighbour to capture these precious moments for you! Love this.
    Hope you have a great rest of the week x

  3. that last one is just perfect. Enjoy your upcoming travels. Babies are really quite portable and adaptable from my experience.

  4. these are GORGEOUS!!! also, cute that he liked food :) we've recently been giving wesley some too! he makes this little 'mmm' sound when its in his mouth, its so funny.

  5. Gorgeous mum and bub! What a beautiful pair, and a beautiful friend for capturing your moments so honestly.

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