Lately up north... the snow is finally melting

Lately up north the snow is starting to melt, and spring feels like it might actually truly be here this time. (Although every time I seem to say that, we are hit with yet another snowstorm).

The snow is melting so quickly, in fact, it's leaving pond-sized puddles on the street corners... which the stray dogs up here apparently love to bathe in!

And lately up north the days are getting noticeably longer. And we can go for evening walks even after Adrien gets home from work. It's a very welcomed change after 6 months of darkness.

I wish you a rejuvenating weekend - filled with that wonderful, vibrant spring energy!


  1. that is quite the melt. I hope you have a bright sunny weekend.

  2. Cute dogs!

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. I'm a new reader. Lovely photos. Have a great weekend!

  4. How funny is that dog? He totally loves those puddles:) Your photos are always so beautiful, darling:) Have a sunny day.


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