Weekend Moments: April Showers, Toronto Storms

Well it was a wet & stormy weekend over in Toronto. 
I had envisioned spending a lot of time outdoors, but instead we stayed mostly inside and watched hail, snow & freezing rain from the windows.

 But that's ok... I had my two favourite boys around to keep me company :  )

^^ look at Zac's big round milk belly!^^

^^Zac is very interested in everything that goes into our mouths these days. Especially beer, wine & coffee it seems. Sorry, Little Z, not for a very long time!^^

 ^^Sunday morning cranberry-orange scones^^

 On Sunday the sun finally came out from behind the storm clouds and we brought Zachary out for a nice, long spring walk. We really have to soak up as much of this milder weather as possible before we head back up north on Wednesday.

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well.


  1. You are so beautiful! Sorry it was horrid weather. But your photos came out stunning. Because that's all that matters, right? haha

  2. How sweet! He does have an adorable milk belly :)

    And you're gorgeous!


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