Weekend Moments... Celebrating Spring

We had a lovely weekend out in the country with my family.
The weather was kind of blustery, but there were sunny breaks and it really felt like spring. 

A few bits & pieces...
(1&5) new handmade vintage leather camera strap, (2) new flats, (3) nursed to sleep and happy as can be, (4) morning treats, (6) papa-time - Oh it is so nice to have Adrien at home with us for a few weeks.

The whole family (like 20+ of us) went to cabane-a-sucre to celebrate the season's maple syrup harvest. The sugar shack was filled with rustic charm, and we drowned our plates in real Canadian maple syrup, and ate and ate until we were blinded by sugar highs.

Even Zac had a teeny taste of maple syrup too... after all, how could we deprive him of such a pleasure?! 
And yes, of course he LOVED it!

Actually Zac loves almost anything he tastes these days. 
He's really funny with solid food though - he almost has an emotional reaction to it. He wants whatever we are eating so badly, and at times it seems like we can't feed him fast enough... If he wasn't so darn chubby I'd say he was starving! 
But each feeding inevitably ends in tears and I can't tell if it's because I've put the food away or if it's because I overfed him. I guess we're both just new at this solids stuff and we'll figure it out as we go...

(above: my mother bought Zac this gorgeous handmade maple wood baby bowl and spoon, and Zac loves to eat from it. And I love how pretty if looks and feels to the touch)

Yes it was a very sweet weekend in the country.

And we will be eating salad and only salad for the rest of the week to come.
 ; )


  1. Amen for spring...I was beginning to think it would never get here!!

  2. what a wonderful weekend. I think everything tastes better when eaten off wooden plates or ceramics.


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