Snapshot Friday...

We've had a beautifully sunny week up north, and the warm weather made everyone feel a bit festive. Even Zac got a finger-tip taste of red wine (he is part Italian after all). And as per the forecast, the good weather is supposed to continue on into the weekend, and we are planning to buy our first barbecue :)
Bring on the weekend! Bring on summer! 

And in case you're bored this weekend and feel like wasting some time on the internet, here's a little snapshot of my life lately....

  • Currently I'm eating my way through this cookbook. 
  • And my friend Alex leant me this old cookbook, and as drab as Company's Coming cookbooks may be perceived - this book is uh-mazing and literally filled with incredible recipes. 
  • Oh and speaking of Asian cooking, I am just dying to make these Japanese pancakes.
  • Currently I can't get enough of this pinot grigio, and looking forward to making these summery grapefruit cocktails.
  • Currently I'm listening to Alice Boman. She's lovely. Also loving VW's new album.
  • Currently reading this book - that is one funny Canadian gal : )
  • And to be perfectly honest, I've mostly been reading baby board books lately. If you have a little one of your own, this one is my absolute favourite to read.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

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