Snapshot Friday...

^^ (1) Still light out after 10pm up north. (2/3) Zac being a true Montrealer and sporting a Farine Five Roses shirt. (4) Rosewater & poppyseed shortbread. (5) Ottolenghi's Moroccan spiced tagliatelle. (6) Zac's new favourite toy... because he can play sitting up on his own. ^^

Happy Friday everyone!
This was our last week up north until mid-July! I can't believe I'll be away from here for that long. But I'm happy about it. We have sooooo many (too many!) plans in the upcoming weeks: a wedding in Vancouver at the beginning of June, moving into our new Montreal apartment mid-June, my brother's wedding (yay!) in Ottawa at the end of June, family reunions at the beginning of July, and of course our annual trip to LBI for fourth of July :)
Wow - that sounds fun, but exhausting!

Ok anyway, now few links...
  • June's Bon Appetit magazine is amazing! I want to make everything in it.
  • Looking forward to being reunited with the Bluths this weekend
  • We've been Vining! Who knew 6 second videos were so fun to make?
  • Zac LOVES music, especially upbeat dancy stuff. Lately we can't stop dancing around the kitchen to the new daft punk single and to this catchy icona pop song:

And with that, I'll leave you dancing on into the weekend.


Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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