Lately... we're hanging out in parks

I am so enjoying our new neighbourhood! There are a gazillion parks within walking distance and we've been spending a lot of our time hanging out in them. Usually we stop at the bakery first, and I grab a coffee and a little sweet treat for myself. Then we camp out on a shady spot on the grass. Zac typically eats half a banana using his mesh feeder bag, while I sip my coffee and indulge in my pastry. 

(Aside: seriously, those little mesh feeder bags are amazing.... he does everything himself and I get to relax. Sure beats spoon-feeding!)

Then we practise walking (Zac's current favourite pass-time, aside from eating bananas). 
We watch the ducks, and feed them pieces of Baby Mum-Mums ;)
And Zac tries to make friends with the whoever walks by us.

And in other news, we visited the new West Elm store that just opened here in Montreal today. I scored one of these gorgeous Montreal tote bags (designed by local Montreal artist Bess Callard), and bought a lot of fun little nic-nacs for the new apartment.

Hope you've had a relaxing week as well.


  1. i think i have one of those! must try!

  2. and wesley has that shirt, so cut e:)

  3. Looks like you're savouring those precious days together! I can't wait to take our little one on trips to the park nearby.


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