Weekend Moments.... oh that Montreal heat!

We had a very hot & humid weekend here in Montreal.
We aren't used to that kind of weather yet.... but we're acclimatizing. 

While we were away up north, some pigeons nested on our balcony and on Saturday morning two little babies hatched from their eggs.
Now I am not a fan of pigeons... but what can you do about it?... it was much too late to kick them out!
I guess it's pretty sweet.

On Sunday, we visited our new apartment and walked around the neighbourhood with Zac in the stroller. Then had an unplanned picnic in the park. In other words, a perfect Sunday.

 ^^ I discovered that Zac's hair curls adorably in the Montreal heat ^^

And in other news....
Zac sprouted his first tooth and wants to chew on anything and everything 24/7.

And last night, my mother offered to watch Zac for us so that we could finally go out to celebrate our 4th year anniversary. We had an amazing meal in Old Montreal at Le Bremner. 
And oh my, did it ever feel good to slip on a pair of heels again! 

I hope you had a great weekend!

ps: sorry that my blogging has been a bit slow lately... I am spending all my free time packing boxes and getting ready for our big move. You know how it is....


  1. Are you going back to Montreal? How exciting!
    Will you miss the North?


    1. Sarah, no we're not leaving the north. We're still working up there (and we are provided a house up there for free), but we've always kept a pied-a-terre in Montreal... and now we are just moving apartments within Montreal to a more kid-friendly neighbourhood.

  2. your new environs look great
    my how the weather has changed from last week to this one


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