And suddenly I'm excited for fall...

Because of outfits like this.



Also, apparently Madewell has completely redesigned their denim line and the new jeans sound fantastic! This is taking major restraint, folks!


  1. I was just thinking how I'm kind of ready for Fall because I have cute coats to buy. I know I'll regret that when I realize my summer is over, but Fall fashion always makes me happy.

  2. Your Madewell posts are dangerous. This summer I was looking for a good pair of white jeans and since I knew their jeans fit me well, I figured I could order a white pair online...then since I was ordering online I figured hey maybe I should also get a pair of jeggings too, it'll all come in one shipment after all....I wanted 51238913 other things too but I restrained myself. And now I read this post and oh boy the Madwell ordering animal inside of me wants to ORDER MORE. Must.look.away...Fall is my favourite... ahhhhhhhh

    1. ugh I know! I just ordered jeans and now they come out with new and improved ones?????


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