Happy Friday, have a sunny weekend!

This wee little blog has been rather neglected lately...  we have been busy enjoying ourselves ;)
Summer in the country is just far too beautiful to spend so much time on the computer.
(especially when you have been stuck in the chilly north for the past month)

The gardens are in full bloom, and I can't seem to stop myself from snapping way too many pictures.

Here's what's been catching my eye....

My husband arrives home from the north tonight, and Zac and I are sooooooo excited to have him back with us again. Single parenting is TOUGH!

We are having a barbecue with friends tomorrow, but otherwise the weekend is wide open and ready to be filled up with spontaneous adventure.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So happy to hear that you are enjoying your summer so far:) Have a great Monday, lovely.

  2. Same here, I didn't blog for a month. Way too much fun playing/hiking/taking pictures outside :)

    Have fun!

  3. Love that opening photo of you smiling with that gorgeous Zachary. Love looking at your updates lovely and full of simple delicious pleasures xo auntie Caroline


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