Weekend moments up north...

It was a chilly weekend this weekend. On Saturday we woke up to a pretty layer of frost on the ground, and on Sunday we woke to full-on winter! 
And it has been snowing ever since!

^^ After years of searching, I am happy to report that we finally found our dream pancake recipe! The banana chocolate chip pancakes from The Kinfolk Table are amazing! ^^

On Saturday night we got all dressed up for a Halloween party....

Some girlfriends and I went as the Rockford Peaches (A League of Their Own). Honestly, we had so much fun getting all dressed up and taking pictures that we hardly needed an actual party to go to, though the party was fun too ;)

On Sunday morning, we all slept in... even Zac :) 
And when he woke up, we brought him into our bed and we all snuggled under the covers. 
We pointed to the window and said "look it's snowing!!!"
I don't know if Zac really understood what was going on, but he picked up on our excitement and got really excited too, and then he kept pointing to the window all day long.

And now we are in full-on winter up here. It hasn't stopped snowing and the forecast calls for several days of snow. And we still have our summer tires on! Oups!!

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Oh man, I am excited but also not at all ready for snow! It's kinda strange that it's almost november and I haven't even seen a snowflake. Apparently they have on the mountains but I'm happy to stay in my autumn bubble a little longer.

    It looks beautiful up north! I bet zac will love playing in the snow.

    AND great costume!!! I haven't been to a good halloween party in years but I love dressing up and going all out!

  2. You girls look so adorable!!! What a great Halloween costume idea:) Yowza, look at all that snow? Incredible and now I will be craving those pancakes for the rest of the day:) xoxo

  3. Love the costumes - may just borrow the idea for next year ;)

    nouveau | a londoner's lifestyle blog


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