Today my little baby turns one year old! I honestly can't believe how fast time has flown by. I know that everyone with children says that, but it's hard to fully comprehend just how fast it feels until you experience it for yourself. 

Oh and we have come such a long way from those first few days at home with a new baby. Wow that was hard! I am so happy to have this first year under my belt. Zac is like my little buddy now - we have so much fun together.

So anyway, last weekend we had the whole family over to celebrate Zac's first birthday. I made him a little crown to wear, and tied up some red balloons.

We ended up having 27 people in our apartment! Too many for a sit-down meal, so I bought tons of cheeses from the market fromagerie and set up some oversized charcuterie platters. I know, I know, not very typical for a baby's birthday party, but he's only one so he doesn't care! Besides this boy is already quite the foodie, so I'm sure he approved ;)

And of course, these was a mini double-decker smash-cake. My mom and I made it together, which was nice. We decided to go with carrot cake and cream cheese icing... 'cause it's kind of healthier... I guess!

I thought Zac would shove his entire face right in it, but he was more reserved than expected. I think because he was totally weirded out by having 27 people staring at him and cheering every time he took a bite! Still, he managed to get icing in nearly every crevice of his body!

It was a great first birthday!

Happy birthday little guy!


  1. Aww..happy birthday:) He is so adorable and such a big boy already! All the food looks amazing and the cake is so adorable! Glad you had a great day and I am still swooning over your brick wall:) Kisses

  2. Wow, Zach, that's my kind of party! Babies & Cheese, amazing!! Happy First Birthday little guy

  3. oh my god he is so cute! It's adorable that he looks scared of his own cake in that first shot. I'm sure he warmed up to the idea quickly ;)

    Congrats, you made it through year one :)

  4. what beautiful pics!!! love the bday cake and cheese selections too.
    looks like it was a great celebration.
    Happy Bday to Zac :)

  5. Happy Birthday Zac!! Your platters look incredible :) Was the carrot cake recipe worth sharing?

    nouveau | a londoner's lifestyle blog

  6. awww happy birthday zachary!!!!!! didn't you feel such pride as his mom that day????

  7. Happy Birthday, Zach! Can you please throw my next party? This is fantastic!

  8. Happy Birthday to Zachary! That year did fly by! And so fun, our son had carrot cake too as his first cake. All the food looks amazing - love the cheese and charcuterie plate!

  9. what a wonderful year he has had. That cheese platter is giving me serious cravings

  10. @Amber, yes I think I should share this carrot cake recipe. It's my mother's recipe and it is SO good! I will find the time to post it soon, hopefully :)


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