Happy Saturday! A gift guide round-up, and a song for your weekend...

Happy Saturday everyone! 
I can't believe we are already one week into December, and I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet! In my defence, there are no real stores up here in the north. In any case, there is still so much you can buy online - so in that respect, I have no excuse. 
So in case you are like me, and may need to resort to a major online shopping spree, here are some great gift ideas from around the web…

For dads,
For moms,
For babies, for toddlers, for kids,
For her,
For him, and more for him,
And still more good ideas…here and here.

And now a sweet song for your weekend. It's not a new one, but it's sweet and happy and matches the mood of my weekend so far :)

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