Sound medical advice that will (finally) get you exercising

One of my colleagues at work sent me the link to this video (below) last night, because he thought it  might be a good tool to share with some of our patients to get them motivated to exercise. I watched it late last night, and I loved it! And then I immediately took out my yoga mat and did 10 minutes of sun salutations. It was just what I needed to hear to get me exercising!

We are told all the time to try to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise a day.... and somehow that can sound so daunting. In fact, it often sounds impossible to fit 30 minutes of exercise into our busy days. But in fact, we all know that we could if we tried. And the most powerful part of this video is the way Dr. Mike Evans turns things around at the end and says, "can you limit your sleeping and sitting to just 23 and a half hours per day?" 
Ummmm, yeah, I should really hope so! Sounds totally different when you put it like that!

Have a listen (9 minutes) to this incredibly well-done video below. It is totally worth your time....


  1. thank you for sharing,
    beautiful video, great message...

  2. Watched the whole thing! definitely sharing this with my hubby!

  3. Aaaaaannnd I'm off the couch. Wow. Amazing film.

  4. Wow, I'm a Registered Nurse and this is an incredible tool!
    Everyone in the whole world should watch it.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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