Recent Favourite things (family edition)....

Here's a little list of what we are currently loving these days, according to each member of the family...

Noah (6 months): So while Noah is still a bit young, he does have a few favourite things...
  • this teething necklace (even though he's not actively teething yet)
  • Eating sweet potato out of one of those mesh feeder bags
  • Being carried around in my new Didymos baby wrap (see below)
  • This Oball rattle is probably his favourite toy
  • watching his big brother run around and be his crazy self

Zachary (32 months):
  • Favourite books: Room on the Broom & The Snail and the Whale (anything Julia Donaldson writes is gold)
  • Homemade green smoothie pops (we use these adorable round mini pop molds). And going out for ice cream.
  • Riding his bike (with training wheels) around our basement, and riding his mini four-wheeler around our backyard. 
  • Doing anything his little brother is doing, like wanting to be worn in the baby carrier, wanting to sit in Noah's high chair, or to lie in his crib (Regression? We're definitely going through another phase of jealousy now that Noah is more interactive and playing with Zac's old baby toys). 
  • Barilla Plus pasta - I bought these accidentally the first time, and when I got home I was delighted to discover that these standard looking noodles are made from a blend of grain & legume flours (lentil, chickpea, oat & wheat) so they are high in protein and fibre. And they taste pretty close to regular pasta too. Zachary can't tell the difference anyway! I feel so much better about serving him pasta for dinner now! 

Adrien: So my wonderful husband is probably the most un-materialistic person I know. In fact, he hates "stuff"! But I did manage to think of a few of his current favourites...
  • Marrakesh Mint Tea - one sip of this delicious tea instantly transports us back to our time in Morocco... when we didn't have kids and life was so simple!
  • Apple Music -  we signed up for that 3 month free trial and we have been really enjoying it, especially Adrien. I love the curated playlists.
  • screen-printed T-shirts from this local Montreal artist
  • Charcoal grilling! We bought our fist ever barbecue this summer and Adrien has been channelling his inner Bobby Flay every weekend. He's becoming quite the grill-master.

  • My woven baby wrap is definitely my new favourite item. After I attended a baby-wearing workshop, I was sold on purchasing a beautiful & ethically made woven wrap. I still love my sakura bloom ring sling and my ergo carrier, but there is something magical about these woven wraps - I have no clue what it is - but I LOVE using it. 
  • Green Kitchen Travels Cookbook - I have been cooking from this cookbook all summer and it is so good!
  • High rise jeans + a slightly cropped top = my go-to summer outfit
  • Guilty pleasure: a handful of frozen milk chocolate Chippits straight from the freezer (why are they so much better frozen?!)
  • - this website offers FREE yoga classes for all levels (Also, that 7-minute workout app?!! I hate-love it!).

What are your recent favourites?


  1. I have the Green Kitchen Travels book, and their other one too! I'm obsessed. They're so, so good. Love the picture of Zac on the swing :)

    1. I really should get their first book too, given how much I've been using the other one! And hearing you say you love it will probably finally push me to actually order it. xoxo

  2. Yvon and I have been using that yoga site for a few years now. The pre and post running ones have single handedly saved Yvon's knees and hips from all of the crazy running he has been doing. Free is a great bonus!

    1. I wish I had discovered it a few years ago! xo

  3. must try frozen chocolate chips! sounds yum!

  4. I have the Green Kitchen Travels book, and their other one too! I'm obsessed. They're so, so good. Love the picture of Zac on the swing :)

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Any thoughts? I so love to hear from you!

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