Montreal's own: Advika Ethical Clothing

Advika is a gorgeous ethical clothing line made here in Montreal.  
The fabrics are so soft and comfortable, and each piece can be worn in multiple ways. I have an Advika drawstring skirt that also works as a dress or a top. It is seriously one of my favourite clothing items that I own! 

The best part about Advika is that it is ethically produced and designed with sustainability as it's focus. Advika Clothing is made entirely from soy, bamboo, organic cotton & hemp.

Meet Jamie, the artist behind Advika. She is a beautiful soul, and a very old friend of mine. Jamie is one of the most charismatic and fun-loving people I have ever met. 
She puts so much love into all of her designs.... and you feel it when you wear one of her pieces.

I hope you check out her Etsy store, there is plenty more to see!


  1. Hi there - wow, I just checked out Advika's etsy shop, and I want absolutely every piece! Especially those dresses; wonderful fabrics, too :)

  2. Oh I love these! Looks very comfortable!

  3. Heya.... Advika's clothing is of course absolutely awesome.... Organic, comfortable, stylish and reasonable prices... Jamie makes my most favourite clothing ever, 80% of the clothes I wear are made by Advika Clothing....

    Also, the face painting on the last photo was done by me, The Art of April-Anna,


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