Wednesday, May 26

Re-use Design: Inhabitat's Spring Greening Contest

Inhabitat's annual Spring Greening Contest is going on right now and I'm completely blown away by the incredibly crafty homemade "re-use design" products that people have come up with.... they are just so darn creative & cool!

A burnt out light bulb turned plant pot/vase

A colourful shelf made of recycled National Geographic magazines

A pen holder/organizer made from paper rolls

A sandal made from cork board, chopsticks & dental floss tell me that's not unbelievably cool!?!


S and O said...

that first picture is just soooo intriguing :)

love that sandal as well!


Beach House Living said...

Amazing ideas out there!

muchlove said...

I love eco-friendly creativity like these!

Masy said...

such exciting pictures! and ideas. fun to see.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love these. I'm totally going to use my paper rolls for pen holders now. Ingenius!