Oh rain please go away for the weekend!

 It has been raining non-stop in Montreal all week. ALL WEEK.
It's getting a little miserable.
But looking on the bright side of things,
this city has never looked greener.

It's really beautiful actually.

Everything feels so alive and lush.

I love my city... even in the rain!


  1. i haven't seen rain in a while. it's been really hot here in LA. hopefully, you guys will get some sun soon as well.


  2. Doesn't Montreal now that it's not April anymore? =) Aww I hope it stops raining!

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. You have some really beautiful photos here - the new buds of green and tulips are filled with such hope...

    Ps: I'm currently running a super sweet giveaway that I think you'll love. If you have a moment, stop by!

  4. i love the tulips - my favorite. and signs of spring... sigh, how dreary the start of winter here seems (ok that's dramatic, it was 22 today!) :)

    just a little fyi, i suggested your blog as one of my favorites on After Nine to Five's "New Friends Friday" post :)

  5. we're in a drought so it's nice to see some drops! thanks:) enjoy the weekend

  6. montreal is looking better and better...i love rain!

  7. yes rain go away--it's time for spring. although the raindrops look really cool on the window and on the petals.

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  8. isn't it funny how rain has a way of making everything green :) oh those spring green sprouts on the trees! wishing you a lovely weekend with maybe a little less rain!

  9. As usual great photos of our gorgeous city oui! No rain for us today though, just sun sun sun :) Enjoy it!

  10. rain makes all the lush green possible:) but i DO hope you get a break from it soon! always nice to enjoy the flowers on a dry sunny day!


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