Friday, May 6

... and have yourself a wonderful weekend

Here are a few links for your weekend...

  •  And finally here's a quirky little video for you from Thee Oh Sees


Tash said...

I've been looking for those nail thingy's! Please tell me if you've found
them somewhere in town! Love my TOMS too, so happy to be wearing them again :)
Happy weekend!

Carrie said...

Have a happy weekend filled with fun moments!


Unknown said...

I just saw those shoes at the University of Arizona Bookstore. We have German friends in town, and went down there for a little visit. Usually never funny! Found you on Taste of T.

k said...

that note generator is so so cool! I'm totally going to use it! and i like your shoes :):) Have the best w/e!!

LCR said...

that photo is unreal. it's so dreamy... i'm off to look at some of these wonderful links;)

Yasmeen said...

just about keeled over when i saw that clawfoot sofa. note to self: thrift a bathtub, borrow a chainsaw and some fabric. a new project!

i'm with you on obsessing over a new pair of shoes. and loving the new music.

have a splendid weekend xx

Diana Mieczan said...

That photo is so amazing and I totally love the spring blooms...awww
Happy Monday, sweetie