Lady Grey Loves... a festive knitted moose head!

Aren't these awesome?!
Too bad they cost upward of $400!
Still, I really want that moose head for Zach's nursery... it would be SO cute in there.

(from Anthropologie)


    much better price and perhaps you could yarn bomb it :)

    1. Margie, you're right - I love that one too, and WAY more affordable! Thanks : )

    2. What about using yarn on one of those cardboard ones. I've seen them at Urban Outfitters and a variety of places online for like $20~...?

      As an aside, absolutely looooove your blog, ladygrey! My husband and I have been living in Montreal for 4 years now, we moved from Vancouver, and we thought *that* was cold (not so compared to your true northern living)! I was wondering... if someone wanted to go up north for a little vacation type trip, where would you recommend going and how would you recommend getting in all the good local activities to do/who to speak to about them, etc.?

      Hope you and your family are well!


    3. Thanks Natalia.
      You're right about the cardboard moose heads - I'll look out for them.

      About up north... that's a tough one! There's very little (more like none) tourism up where we work on the reserve.
      You could check out the Nunavik Tourism site:
      or where we are in the James Bay region:
      Hope that helps!

  2. These are just amazing! The details... wow! I think the moose is my favorite too.

  3. I saw these and thought of this post, so cute, and made in Montreal!


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