Friday, November 23

Lady Grey Loves... a festive knitted moose head!

Aren't these awesome?!
Too bad they cost upward of $400!
Still, I really want that moose head for Zach's nursery... it would be SO cute in there.

(from Anthropologie)


sweet harvest moon said...

SO awesome! Love it!

Margie Oomen said...
much better price and perhaps you could yarn bomb it :)

Lady Grey said...

Margie, you're right - I love that one too, and WAY more affordable! Thanks : )

Anonymous said...

What about using yarn on one of those cardboard ones. I've seen them at Urban Outfitters and a variety of places online for like $20~...?

As an aside, absolutely looooove your blog, ladygrey! My husband and I have been living in Montreal for 4 years now, we moved from Vancouver, and we thought *that* was cold (not so compared to your true northern living)! I was wondering... if someone wanted to go up north for a little vacation type trip, where would you recommend going and how would you recommend getting in all the good local activities to do/who to speak to about them, etc.?

Hope you and your family are well!


Lady Grey said...

Thanks Natalia.
You're right about the cardboard moose heads - I'll look out for them.

About up north... that's a tough one! There's very little (more like none) tourism up where we work on the reserve.
You could check out the Nunavik Tourism site:
or where we are in the James Bay region:
Hope that helps!

Erica said...

These are just amazing! The details... wow! I think the moose is my favorite too.

Natalia said...

Great! Thanks for the ideas!!

Melissa said...

I saw these and thought of this post, so cute, and made in Montreal!

Lady Grey said...

cute find, Melissa!