Have yourself a merry little weekend

We are in Toronto for the weekend visiting my in-laws.
They live right on the lake, so I get to watch beautiful sunrises from our bedroom window.
I guess that's one plus to being up at all hours feeding a newborn.

 I can't believe it's December 14th and we still don't have any decent snow (which is fairly unheard of in Montreal). ... Makes it hard to be motivated to do any Christmas shopping.

But oh well...
Wherever you are,
whatever the weather,
I wish you a merry little weekend : )

Addendum: I am completely in shock by the devastating news out of Connecticut today. My heart goes out to all those families. I simply cannot comprehend...
It is a sad day in the world indeed.

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  1. i am wishing and praying for snow. We might get a little dusting here and there over the next few days but probably not in the big city. If you can take a walk around the distillery district. Even without the snow it feels a lot like christmas.


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