Saturday, December 15

Letters to Santa...

Did you write letters to Santa Claus and mail them to the north pole when you were a kid? 
I always did. 
I remember explaining that I had been good (other than the occasional fight with my brother), and detailing exactly what I wanted for Christmas that year. And the amazing part was that I always got a response back from Santa in the mail.

I never really questioned it before, but who actually takes the time to write out all those responses?
Turns out  it's the Canadian postal service  it's obviously Santa himself.

Did you know that you can write Santa in any language, from anywhere in the world, and receive a personalized response for free! Here's what Canada Post has to say:

"While the picture above shows a stamp, letters to Santa do not require postage (Santa would NEVER refuse a letter because it didn't have a stamp on it) and the response from Santa is also delivered for free. We're honoured to help Santa respond to his mail and proud to help teach children valuable literacy skills."

Isn't that sweet?! Oh how I love Canada!

(turns out you can now email Santa too)


Kristin W said...

This is SO CUTE! Ugh...America would NEVER do this :(

size too small said...

the sweetest!

Margie Oomen said...

In out little ontario town the elves (postal employees) pick up the letters from the children at the santa claus parade which is also very very sweet.
I never wrote to santa but I always left him homemade cookies and milk on a special old red chair by the fireplace, sugar and apples for his reindeer and my favourite thing was to read the hand written note that he would leave on the empty plate. Funny thing is that he used the same peacock blue fountain pen ink that my father wrote with :)

For the love of psych. said...

Im so happy for this post - Sean full out did not believe me that this existed. Poor deprived American children!