Lately in Photos....

We had a great weekend in Toronto visiting my in-laws. Zach got to meet two of his great-grandparents for the first time.

And Zach was a champ along the 7 hour car drive to and from Montreal. I'm so happy he loves the car because his parents certainly love to take road trips : )

On Saturday night we took Zach out to his first ever Christmas party to meet our Toronto friends. He was so good and slept through most of the evening. And of course everyone loved him and his little santa suit!

And we received a lovely package in the mail from the very talented Margie of Resurrection Fern. She made Zach these adorable red & grey slippers and also sent us this über-cute grizzly bear onesie. Thank-you so much!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


  1. Your little Zach is awesome:)I am so happy that you guys had a wonderful time with family and friends. Jolly good day, sweetie.

  2. The onesie was made in Toronto by bookhou. John did the drawing of a grizzly looking polar bear and Arounna screenprinted it:)


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