Lately up north... we're on summer holidays!

We finally got some of that glorious summer heat I've been craving.
And despite the swarms of black flies and armies of mosquitoes, it's absolutely beautiful up here this time of year.
The sun barely sets at all these days. It's incredibly energizing.
You can stay out forever without realizing the time.

But as beautiful as it is up here in the north, I am so happy to be heading back south tomorrow. We have a two week vacation and we are heading to the beach!

I wish you all a lovely (early) weekend.


Pregnant at the beach - What to wear?

Next week we will be celebrating 4th of July at the beach in LBI with my in-laws.
I'm super excited about it, but have no clue what kind of bathing suit to wear now that I'm 5 months pregnant.

What do you think? What would/did you wear?

Pregnant celebrities all seem to proudly flaunt their bellies and wear bikinis. 
The obvious advantage is that you don't have to buy a special "maternity swimsuit" that you may never wear again. The celebs all look amazing, but I'm afraid I'd feel very exposed.

Or do you go with something more reserved (and do you think, a little boring?), like a maternity one-piece or tankini? Like these from A Pea in the Pod... 

What do you think?
I need advice!


Weekend Moments: It's Summer Up North

I didn't think summer would ever come up here, but it has. 
And July will mark our 1 year anniversary up here in the north.
Quite the accomplishment in my books.

 I am so thrilled to see summer again... 
Warm weather, lush fresh greenery, and even a few arctic flowers : )

This weekend we took our new canoe out for a spin on the river for the first time.

It felt so good to get out in the wild. We canoed for hours. Not another soul in sight. That's an incredible feeling.

We parked the canoe on a little island and explored the forest. I love how the forest floors are covered in ancient lichens that squish under your feet as you walk. 
Everything feels so untouched up here.

On Sunday the husband was craving a restaurant style breakfast. But since restaurants are scarce (or non-existent up here), we went all out and cooked up a breakfast of champions. 

It was a wonderful weekend indeed. Filled with beautiful sunshine and glorious nature. 
Just the way weekends should be.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.

Summer Hair...

I'm loving these summer hairstyle ideas from Anthropologie.
(click here for instructions)


Some Very Big News About a Very Little Boy

So I have some big news to share...
I'm 5 months pregnant!
We're expecting a little boy this November.

I just started to feel him move for the first time this week.
And every time he kicks, I burst out laughing.
I'm already so deeply in love with him.

I feel so very blessed.

ps: how adorable are those little moccasins we have waiting for him : )


Homemade Plump Perogies

In my opinion, perogies are the ultimate comfort food.
And homemade, fresh perogies are simply out of this world!
Sure it takes more work than boiling a bag of those frozen store bought ones, but the payoff is colossal.

Believe me, make these babies one day when you feel like spoiling yourself, and you're in for a real  treat : )

Read on for the how to...


New Music: Xavier Rudd...

Oh Xavier, how I love your soulful lyrics, your mellow moods and your eternal summer.
Please never stop making your beautiful music.

The new album, Spirit Bird, is out now, and I have a feeling it's going to be the soundtrack to a great summer.

Here's a taste:

(photo via)


Pure & Simple Almond Cake

Often times in life, the most simple things are the best. 
That's how I feel about this cake.
It might seem plain on first glance, but in fact it's quite sophisticated, rich and flavourful, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, and positively delicious!

Perfect for afternoon tea... or even for breakfast ; )

Read on for the how-to...


Eating bear, making bannock, and other traditional northern activities...

This was a weekend of firsts for us up north.

We were invited to a traditional native feast to celebrate the "walking out" of three adorable Cree babies. Walking out Ceremonies happen every spring up here. They honour a baby's first steps, or the first official time their feet touch the earth. All the distant family members gather around to  watch as the little ones walk out of a teepee for the very first time. It's such a sweet concept.

And after that comes a grand feast...

A few of the older Cree women taught me how to make bannock. 
Once the dough is the right consistency, you wrap it around a long stick to roast over an open fire.
 It was such an experience sitting in that teepee... roasting bannock, listening to the elders tell stories, watching the younger Cree women cut up goose meat and roasting bear in big pots hung over the open flames.

Yes, that's right, we were going to be eating bear for dinner!

It was an amazing day, and we felt so lucky to be experiencing such a special cultural event.

It's weekends like this that make living so far away from home so very worthwhile.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


Oooh la la Summer...

I can't believe today is already the first of June. 
Summer feels so close I can taste it.
I can't wait to pull out my shorts and breezy dresses and swim in the sea!

(All photos from Anthropologie May 2012 Catalog)
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