Sunday, June 3

Eating bear, making bannock, and other traditional northern activities...

This was a weekend of firsts for us up north.

We were invited to a traditional native feast to celebrate the "walking out" of three adorable Cree babies. Walking out Ceremonies happen every spring up here. They honour a baby's first steps, or the first official time their feet touch the earth. All the distant family members gather around to  watch as the little ones walk out of a teepee for the very first time. It's such a sweet concept.

And after that comes a grand feast...

A few of the older Cree women taught me how to make bannock. 
Once the dough is the right consistency, you wrap it around a long stick to roast over an open fire.
 It was such an experience sitting in that teepee... roasting bannock, listening to the elders tell stories, watching the younger Cree women cut up goose meat and roasting bear in big pots hung over the open flames.

Yes, that's right, we were going to be eating bear for dinner!

It was an amazing day, and we felt so lucky to be experiencing such a special cultural event.

It's weekends like this that make living so far away from home so very worthwhile.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


Margie Oomen said...

i LOVE this post!!!
I think we might just need to have a little walking out ceremony of our own next spring to celebrate lili's feet touching the earth. Such a beautiful and meaningful idea>

Melissa Blake said...

This is an amazing idea -- so wonderful! xoxo

Diana Mieczan said...

Wow, you know how much I adore stuff like that! Incredible, indeed:) Glad that you had a wonderful time. Muah

sweet harvest moon said...

Such a sweet post! What an adorable idea

Wish I could live where you do, so beautiful


christine, just bella said...

What an incredible experience!