Have a Colourful Autumn Weekend

I have a big cooking weekend ahead of me. We are hosting an early thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night (Canadian Thanksgiving is officially next weekend... but we're celebrating a bit early).
So it's all turkey & cranberries in this kitchen. Luckily I'm going to have a lot of help.

I wish you a fabulous fall weekend, wherever you are.



It's Finally Time to Wear Scarves Again....

Warm knitted or woollen scarves have to be my favourite part of fall.
They are the cozy upside to all this cold weather.

(all via Anthropologie)


Fall Flower Arrangements

I just love these autumn leaf-based arrangements.
(which are especially suited for people living in the north like me where flowers are non-existant these days)

(photos via Martha Stewart)


Weekend Moments - Welcoming the Fall

I had a glorious weekend in the country at my parents place. 
It was the perfect place to bring in the official beginning of autumn.

The leaves are starting to change colour and fall to the ground, there's still plenty to harvest from the garden, and the air is crisp and fresh.... it's by far my favourite time of year,

And as is an annual autumn tradition in my family, we canned big batches of homemade salsa and tomato relish for the winter.

 I hope you had a beautiful weekend as well.


Lady Grey Loves (when it comes to pregnancy & babies)...

Padraig cozy cottage slippers, for babies and the whole family too. These all-natural slippers are made with sustainably-produced wool, sheepskin & leather. And they are crazy adorable in real life.

Earth Mama Organics Mama-To-Be teas
So very soothing. Plus, it's fun to have something special for just you to drink (since there are so many things you can't drink when you're pregnant).

L'Occitane's Huile Souplesse, especially designed for the prevention of stretch marks.
.... so far so good at 33 weeks anyway (I'll let you know how that turns out!).
Either way, the stuff feels so luxurious on a taught belly. 
And applying it is the perfect excuse for a soft belly massage.

Aden +Anais muslin and bamboo swaddle blankets.
Ok, it might sound ridiculous to love a baby product even before you have a baby, but these blankets are just so beautiful and the material is incredible. I simply can't wait to wrap my little one up in them!
(thank you for the recommendation, Morgan)

This adorable print for a nursery


Can you tell I've finally started baby shopping?!

(yesterday I bought the sakura bloom sling and the ergo baby carrier, and today will be car seat & cradle. ...Getting stuff done!)

Oh and you know what else I love during pregnancy? 
Having a few days off work to put my feet up!


Wild Blueberry Crumb Bars

These blueberry squares are ridiculously simple to make and incredibly delicious.
I found the recipe over at Smitten Kitchen and decided to try it because of it's rave reviews (and because of the abundance of blueberries around here these days). 
As usual, SK did not disappoint.
These bars are totally scrumptious!

Read on for the recipe...


A Very Cranberry Weekend...

It's cranberry season these days up north,
and it was my goal to harvest as much as I could for the winter. 
I wasn't sure how I'd do, given my 32 week pregnant belly (it's not easy crouching over a gigantic uterus!)... but in the end I did pretty good!

We drove out to the bay (wild cranberries like to grow by the cold seaside up here) with a group of friends and began our foraging. 

And after a long afternoon of cranberry picking we were treated to a lovely dinner at a neighbour's house. It's always so nice to be cooked for (especially when you are the person who usually does the hosting).

(And you know what else is sooooooo nice when you are pregnant? When someone takes the time to make you an amazing non-alcoholic drink, like this pomegranate spritzer, so you don't feel left out)

 And on Sunday morning I washed and sorted through my buckets of cranberries, and I must say, we are definitely set for the winter. 
Also right in time for upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving : )

(aren't they beautiful!)

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


Have a colourful weekend...

The weekend is finally here, and I feel so relieved to have 2 full days to sleep in and put my feet up.
Actually we're planning to drive out to the bay and harvest some wild cranberries,
but there will be a lot of relaxing this weekend too.

I wish you a relaxed weekend as well.

Here's a new song to start you off...


Do you ever get Hangry?

I definitely get hangry.
I just never knew there was a word for it!

hangry cushion from My Bearded Pigeon
(via The Kitchn)

Because I just can't help myself....

Because these days (in my world),
 there is nothing cuter than silly baby hats and cheeky onesies... 

From Ruche for children


Who needs Wood Floors when there are gorgeous Wood Ceilings?

 Isn't this room spectacular?
I love the big windows and all the white & wood.
From Architectural Digest's tour of fashion designer Jenni Kayne's Beverly Hills home. 

And from the same house tour (because I love looking at nurseries these days), the kids room is pretty spectacular too.

(photos via Architectural Digest)


New Music: Band of Horses....

Here's a lovely new song from Band of Horses...

The new album, Mirage Rock, is out next week.
You can listen to the whole thing on the band's website.

Hello autumn boot perfection...

'Slap on the Wrist' boots by Seychelles,
I believe we were meant for each other.

These Veronica Slouch Frye boots are pretty darn gorgeous too!

Oh how I adore the fall.


Photos From a Cold and Rainy Weekend....

I have to say it was a pretty dismal weekend up here in the north, weather-wise.
It has been raining and overcast ALL week, and the forecast for the weekend was no improvement. 

So we had a lazy weekend indoors...

But it wasn't all bad... 
the rain inspired me to bake whole grain spelt bread, and make a batch of my favourite homestyle split-pea soup, and finally get around to writing all those thank you cards for my recent baby shower.

And we also just lazed around the apartment and watched movies and drank lots & lots of tea.

And just when it started to feel like we'd never see the sun again... 
on Sunday evening the rain finally stopped, and the clouds began to clear,
and hope was restored in the world once more  ; )

Happy Monday to you.
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