Monday, September 17

A Very Cranberry Weekend...

It's cranberry season these days up north,
and it was my goal to harvest as much as I could for the winter. 
I wasn't sure how I'd do, given my 32 week pregnant belly (it's not easy crouching over a gigantic uterus!)... but in the end I did pretty good!

We drove out to the bay (wild cranberries like to grow by the cold seaside up here) with a group of friends and began our foraging. 

And after a long afternoon of cranberry picking we were treated to a lovely dinner at a neighbour's house. It's always so nice to be cooked for (especially when you are the person who usually does the hosting).

(And you know what else is sooooooo nice when you are pregnant? When someone takes the time to make you an amazing non-alcoholic drink, like this pomegranate spritzer, so you don't feel left out)

 And on Sunday morning I washed and sorted through my buckets of cranberries, and I must say, we are definitely set for the winter. 
Also right in time for upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving : )

(aren't they beautiful!)

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


Tiffany Kadani said...

You are so inspiring. I love how you pick your own food, cook with it, then take amazing photos. So. freakin. beautiful.

k said...

good job chica!!

Margie Oomen said...

so so beautiful
and the photographs and scenery are fantastic

Jenna said...

This location is beyond beautiful. Hope you make some yummy foods with your cranberries- i love jelly!

Jenna E said...

I am happy you got treated and those cranberries look gorgeous