Oh just a modest little handbag...

When it comes to designer handbags, it seems like everybody owns a Louis Vuitton these days. Ok, ok, obviously not everybody owns a Louis Vuitton, but I certainly see a lot of them on the streets of Montreal. And I always thought that if I could take my pick of all the designer handbags out there, I would make a more original choice than a Louis Vuitton… A Hermès or a Mulberry perhaps (a girl can dream). 
But then I saw this bag in a magazine, and I swooned. 
Simple. Understated. Functional. Perfect.
(big sigh)
Oh but the price tag. I don't think I could ever bring myself to do it. But it sure is pretty.

(and speaking of pretty, how gorgeous does Sofia Coppola look in the above add?)


  1. oh! that is very pretty indeed! i feel that way about LV's too. But then...then I found this one in a vintage shop in Tokyo and for some reason it was like love at first site, so i got it. It is exactly 20 years old in June! haha! I think I was with my friend who has a million LV's too much and I became desensitized. ahwell.

  2. Krystal, oooh it sounds gorgeous! xo


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