Friday, January 31

Our little winter escape to Florida

We are back home in Montreal after a relaxing 4 days in Florida. My in-laws have a beautiful home in Naples, so we were there to visit them (and to escape the bitter cold of the north). We were spoiled with free babysitting, delicious home-cooked meals, and a pool in the backyard. 

Florida in January can be on the cold side, but we were lucky enough to have two gorgeously warm and sunny days. We also had two cooler, rainy days - which still felt tropical compared to the north. No complaints here!

 ^^ Zac was fascinated by the pool, but in the end he preferred it from a distance. He did however love sitting on the edge of the hot tub ^^

 ^^ Adrien took me out for a fantastic dinner at Bleu Provence, while my in-laws stayed home with Zac. We so rarely get to go out for fancy dinners anymore, which makes it feel even more special...  which also makes me indulgently order way too much off the menu, and leave 10 pounds heavier ^^

 ^^ Zac was teething this week, and did not want to be put down. So we carried him constantly... in our arms, on our backs, in the sling... and he couldn't get enough of it. That was pretty much the only exercise I got this week, so I really shouldn't complain ;) ^^

^^ I thought Zac would be more interested in the ocean, but he was too scared to even let his toes touch the water. Oh well, maybe next year... ^^

 ^^ what he did love was the birds - so many birds in Florida! He would squeal with delight every time he saw one and shout "buk!", which I believe means "bird" in Toddler. He also loved watching the little geckos slither by, and doing morning yoga by the pool ^^

^^ spotting alligators with grandpa ^^

It was a brief but wonderful little winter escape. And thankfully mother nature is taking it easy on us with some very mild weather in Montreal today, allowing us to acclimatize slowly back to reality.

On Sunday we fly back up north for the next 5 weeks... just in time to host a Super Bowl party with our northern friends. Not that I'm into football in the least, but I do love hosting parties and baking nachos :)


Fit With Flash said...

Oh man. Florida. Warmth. Hot tubs. This post made me so jealous. I'm getting pumped about the high of 50 degrees tomorrow… and then heading to Canada on Tuesday.
Looks like an awesome time! Love the photos and Zac is getting so big!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Um, you're so hot.