Is it bad that it's not even Halloween yet and I already feel like decorating for Christmas?!

It's not my fault, I swear. I blame the holiday catalogue from Restoration Hardware that arrived in my mailbox last week (I have no idea why I received this catalog in the first place considering we don't even have this store in Canada Quebec!). Anyway the pictures were so pretty, and I became flooded with holiday cheer.

And to make matters worse, I then strolled into West Elm...
And they were putting up their holiday displays. And I swooned all over again...

It's hopeless.  I'm hopeless!
I know how annoying it is for most people to see Christmas stuff before November, but I am just not one of those people!
I could care less about Halloween... bring on the snow!!

(photo credits: top 3 via Restoration Hardware, bottom 4 via West Elm)


  1. This is going to ruin your life but we DO have Restoration Hardware in Canada (but I looked on the site and there doesn't seem to be any stores in Quebec so I think you're safe). I got a catalogue from them once too, I have no idea why because I'm too poor to shop there.

  2. @Tanie, Quebec is always the last province to get international stores.... but maybe there's hope ;)

  3. 100% agree...although this year I've gotten into "fall decorating" (not to be confused with Halloween decorating!). - Nicole

  4. @Nicole, having a later thanksgiving in the U.S. helps push back the Christmas stuff I think. I was all about apples & pumpkins up until last week (Canadian thanksgiving) :)

  5. Yay ! I love love *love* every thing Christmas! Including Christmas music (sung by Ella, Bing, Perry etc..of course. There is something about it all that just makes me instantly happy. Never cared much about Halloween either, though I must admit that it is much more fun to dress up toddlers and babies than I anticipated! :)

  6. oh I completely agree @Catherine :)


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