Wednesday, October 22

Life Lately: October is my favourite colour

We have spent the last two weeks in and around Montreal, soaking up the last bits of autumn as much as we can. We missed the peak of fall colours this year while up north, but I was happy to at least catch the tail end of it.

While visiting family in Toronto, we took Zac to a nearby farm. He's at the perfect age right now to marvel at pumpkin patches, tractor rides, domesticated farm animals, and corn field mazes. He was in heaven!

The main reason for our visit to Toronto, however, was to meet our beautiful little niece, Lola Ray. We all fell in love with her instantly, especially Zac. His positive reaction to his new little cousin made me really excited (and relieved) about intruducing the next member of our family this coming February.

Lola is a little dream baby, and our jaws nearly hit the floor to experience a newborn so serene and at peace with the world (what a difference compared to own experience in those early weeks!).  It was especially nice to see my sister-in-law Natalie settling into motherhood so naturally and effortlessly. She was calm and confident, and nothing like the distressed first-time mom you typically see. 

Oh how I hope my own upcoming newborn experience is more like this the second time around...

We also spent time out in the country with my parents, going on walks, enjoying the sound of leaves crunching under our feet, eating homemade apple pie, and other idyllic autumn pursuits ;)

Meanwhile, this pregnancy of mine is just flying by, almost unnoticed.... except for this enlarging 24 week belly that came seemingly out of nowhere!

(my dear friend Rebecca and I rubbing our baby bumps together)

Well, I guess that's all for now... We fly back up north on Sunday and then return to Montreal at the end of November. I hope you're having a beautiful October, wherever you are.


Lauren said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: your photos are divine! You have such a beautiful talent.

Your blog always makes me want to teleport to Canada immediately.

Nicole R. said...

<3 These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture of Zac and Lola, and the one of Lola yawning - so precious! Happy fall! - Nicole

Natalie said...

Annnnnnd Im crying.
Can't wait to see you all again so that Lola can get tons more snuggles from her Aunty V!