Oh the beautiful chaos...

Life is certainly busy these days. This top photo sums it up almost perfectly ("almost" because we're not always smiling and laughing like this). But for the most part things are going incredibly well. Although there are definite challenges too, as there are with the addition of any newborn baby into any family.

Little Noah has some fairly serious reflux issues, which means I can only feed him small amounts but very frequently. We're on a 2-hour "schedule" in which he wakes up, I nurse him, burp him (which takes forever), and then we desperately try to keep him upright so that he doesn't vomit. But he inevitably vomits, we then change him and his clothes (and then he usually vomits a second time)... and then it's time to feed him again. You get the picture. It makes for pretty exhausting nights.... and pretty exhausting days too when you add 2-year-old Zachary into the mix.

But. I'm not complaining. Yes, we're tired, but we're managing. And reflux aside, Noah is still an incredibly easy baby overall, and I feel eternally grateful for this. And although Zac loves to get all up in baby Noah's business all the time (especially when he's sleeping or nursing), he loves his little brother so so so much! And what more could a mother ask for, anyway?!

Noah is 3 weeks old today and we are kind of in shock at how much faster the time is flying by this second time around. I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the present moments, despite the chaos, because they are actually so beautiful, so fleeting, so impermanent.

Photos taken by our friend Catherine, who did a little photoshoot with us over the weekend. Thank you, Catherine, I can't wait to see the rest of them!


  1. Oh you are a warrior momma. Every two hours? Sheesh. But I know it's worth it. Such a sweet family.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to meet this beautiful little being and see Zac in action as a big brother. And see you two as parents of two! Hang on, it must be so tough right now but its only up from here (feedings every 2 hours can't last forever, right?). XO

  3. Wow, I think that is the SWEETEST baby picture I have ever seen, your wee one in the green knit cap, how adorable! You have beautiful children!

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