Thursday, February 26

F-this! I've had it with winter - We are heading south!

winter in Montreal

Excuse the profanities, but I have had it with this winter! It has been snowing all week in Montreal. Enough already! I am so sick of cleaning the snow off the car, of dressing little kiddos in snowsuits, of salt stains, and slush.

So yeah, F-this! We're flying to the sunshine state.
Tickets just got booked. And in two weeks we are heading to my in-laws place in Naples, Fl.... to sit by the pool, be with family, and not wear coats.

Warm weather, here we come...

Naples Florida


Wendy said...

I agree, this has been a brutal winter so far. We live right on the east coast and usually just get rain, but this winter we have even shovelled off our garage roof! While I am not heading south, I've just shovelled out the door to the greenhouse, it was so warm and sunny inside, so I guess that will have to do for now! Have a lovely and safe trip.

Lady Grey said...

thanks for your comments, Wendy. I'm wishing I had a sunny greenhouse to escape to this very second!

Damoms said...
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