Wednesday, February 3

Ladygrey's Winter Survival Kit

Winter Survival Guide1. Burts Bees original lip balm - cures the most chapped of lips. No other lip balm can substitute (not even the newer Burts Bees versions... only the original will do). This beautiful yellow tube is God's gift to chapped lips.
2. Sheepskin slippers for frost-bitten toes
3. Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion - the best cream for dry skin, from head to toe. No perfume. No junky additives. Just pure moisturizing goodness.
4. Foods laden with spices, like fresh ginger and chilies, to warm you from the inside out.
5. Candles and light - you know the major problem with winter, especially in Montreal, is that we don't get enough light exposure. The days are too short, and are spent almost entirely indoors... but having plenty of candles around can really brighten up your mood.

Other than that, all you can do is buy a plane ticket down south and leave this miserable weather behind!

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