Wednesday, February 10

Olympic fever

Canada defintely has Olympic fever.

Did you know that there is a hula-hoop shortage in Vancouver? Apparently toy stores are completely sold out because people are using them to make their own olympic rings displays, according to a CBC News article.
'I find that people buy them in fives.'—Kaboodles toy store owner Lee Richmond
I love Canadian spirit!

Other cool Olympic news.... if you can't go to Vancouver in person, you can now explore it virtually with Google maps street view. The crazy folks over at Google used some crazy technology so that you can now even explore the mountains & ski slopes! Check out their video below:

And speaking of Canadian spirit, I really do love the official apparel this year (from the Bay). My brother bought me the hoodie and it's soooooo comfortable, I wear it all the time.

I want those mittens!

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