Sunday, March 7

Learning to appreciate typography

Hello strange world of Typography...
Hello Helvetica.
So I just watched the stylish documentary  (by Gary Hustwit)  Helvetica. As the name implies, it's all about typography, and more specifically, the incredible 50+ year history and culture around the single typeface "helvetica". 
Now I had no idea something like a font could conjure up so much emotion in people, both passionately for and  violently against it.
It was definitely a cool movie. I recommend it to anyone interested in visual arts and design. I learned all about typography (which I apparently knew nothing about) what  a serif or sans-serif is, and what the impact of choosing one font over another might have. 

There are so many subcultures in this world, it never ceases to amaze me.
See the Helvetica website

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Crazy Sweet Life said...

I agree! I watched Helvetica in my typography class last year and was so surprised at how interesting it was! Type is a beautiful thing.