Friday, April 16

Have a Lovely Weekend!

I hope you have a fun, light-hearted weekend, even if it rains : )

Here are some weekend links.....

  • A dress made from m&m wrappers... must be noisy!
  • A great easy-read article about choosing wine & food pairings from Gwyneth
  • Mmmmmmm, Honey-Roasted Pears
  • Cutest sneaky kitty video ever
  • Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - sign the petition to show your support for better, healthier foods in American schools
  • Try listening to: The Tallest Man on Earth's new album on their myspace page ... very Dylan-esque
~ oxo
Lady Grey


a whole lotta love said...

hey lady grey,
i'm glad you like my yours too. glad we've 'met' :) i love montreal. my profile pic is from the jazz fest ;) anyway, the m&m wrapper dress reminds me of something from project runway. very pretty.. not sure i'd want to wear it though. have a great weekend.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Ha! That dress was stunning! Not what I envisioned when you said M&M wrappers.

Bri said...

Those are some seriously cute photographs.