Sunday, April 11

Irish Potato Bread

I always look forward to fresh potato bread for breakfast when I visit Ireland. I love it with cream cheese and avocado slices. Of course there's always the traditional way, which I've actually never tried, which is fried up in generous amounts of bacon fat for the full Ulster Fry, and washed down with mugs of thick, black tea.

Here's the basic recipe...

This is the classic, official recipe, which is printed on all the Irish tea towels and postcards...
But since I find it a little vague, I'll add another one with more specific measurements. Although, the truth is, you just want to add enough flour to your mashed potatoes until you get a nice consistency dough. Then fry it on either side for about 3 minutes.

2 Cups mashed potatoes
1 Cup flour
2 Tbs butter (unless you're using left over mashed potatoes, which already contain butter & milk)
1 tsp salt, to taste

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