Monday, April 19

A little self-humour is good once in a while

You probably already know about this blog/book: Stuff White People Like, by Christian Lander
My husband thinks it's hilarious. At first I got all huffy-puffy and insulted when he showed it to me.... no one likes to be stereotyped after all.... but as I read through the list, I couldn't help but laugh & laugh. I am so that person he describes! Well, a lot of it anyway. As much as I hate to be lumped into some unoriginal clump of predictable "white people", sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself!
Here are just a few examples (it's even better to read the explanations behind each one on the actual blog)...

Stuff White People Like

  • Picking their own fruit
  • Religions their parents don't belong to
  • Famers markets
  • Moleskine notebooks
  • Not having a TV
  • Microbreweries
  • Having gay friends
  • Mad Men
  • Multilingual children
  • Hummus
  • Hating people who wear Ed Hardy
  • Wine
  • Yoga
  • Bicycles
  • Taking a year off
oh and the list goes on and on and on!


Giovanna said...

hahahah, i would never have thought i'd fit into that book, but i am pretty much down with everything on that list. too funny.

Nancy said...

Eek! I am checking off way too many "likes" on that list. So it turns out I am a stereotypical white person, after all? Oh well, so be it.

Thanks for the tip - checking out the blog asap. Hilarious!