Friday, April 9

Photo Friday - there's something about horses

Have a lovely weekend. The blog will be back in full swing on Monday


Anonymous said...

So it is almost 1am and here I am soaking up your page. Love the pictures, the Guiness tribute, and especially the Banksy, which just happens to also be my screen saver. Awesome wide shot with the sun coming through the clouds overlooking it all...
This blog is so nice to come to.
Keep it up!
Love Nica from Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

i agree, there is something about horses. i never touched one until i was 18, writing an article about a women who used horses to help young girls with self expression for a local mag i was interning at. i've been infatuated with their beauty and strength ever since.

enjoy your weekend :)

xo Alison

caroline drennan said...

Hey Lady Grey
Just saw your photos of horses and recognized them! Great shots. Fun to see our neighbours on film!