Thursday, April 15

the simple, satisfying sandwich

Apple, Cheddar and Honey mustard Sandwich... & Rocket too

I know I'm not the only one out there who loves the apple-cheddar combination. It's the perfect snack. Ok maybe it's tied with pickles & cheese as the perfect snack. But it also makes a great sandwich when paired with wholegrain bread, rocket and honey mustard. I like to make my own honey mustard (that way it doesn't contain weird artificial sweeteners & honey flavourings). Just mix a tablespoon of grainy mustard with 2 teaspoons of honey.

Mmmmmmm, I just love a good sandwich!


Jen said...

What a light, fresh sandwish! Looks DEE-LISH-US!!

Vince said...

Thats simialr to the sandwich I had at the lace we went to for my birthday. Mine had raisins and carrots too... what was that place called again. It was so good.


Vince said...

lol. i guess i should have read that over.

Vince said...

oh. i give up.

Vince said...

sorry to bombard you with comments. this is the last one. i promise. but i just had the sandwich. it is like a fresh flavour explosion. omg. delish. thanks :P

Lady Grey said...

No apologies Vince, I love getting your comments : )
The restaurant was called Santropol, it's on St. Urbain street.

Vince said...

:). Oh yeah. I wanna go there again one day. It was so cool. :)