Thursday, April 29

So long Winter, Spring always wins in the end!

Despite our 24 hour bought of freakish weather in Montreal, the warm weather has returned, the snow has melted and, much to my relief, the flowers have survived!


Blogs said...

Finally! and those are oh sooo pretty!

Tricia said...

I love that title! And it's so true, spring wins always! Hey, do you live at Mile Post Five? I live in the NE, we should have tea sometime :)

Lady Grey said...

I actually live in Montreal. But I would love to have lunch sometime.... next time I visit Portland, or if you ever come to Montreal : )

Beach House Living said...

Ah, Magnolias. Ours bloomed earlier in the month. It is a shame they don't last long. Maybe that is what makes them so special.

Lady Grey said...

I also wish magnolias bloomed all year round, but you're probably right, their fleeting existence is what makes them so special.
I guess that's why I take so many pictures!