Wednesday, April 21

Spring Cleaning - Music to clean house with

So I'm finally doing some spring cleaning today (with the help of my Roomba, of course, who vacuums as I scrub toilets and cupboards).
The recipe for a successful cleaning session is the right music.
In college, my room mate and I would put on Shakira's all-Spanish CD (before she became the Shakira we know today), and dance around the apartment with brooms & mops. Then we went through a Manu Chao phase (this still remains wonderful cleaning music).
Today I'm cleaning house listening to this....


Cyndi Lauper, the queen of dance-around-your-house music... especially this song

Blue King Brown (These Aussie girls are simply awesome!)

Joel Plaskett

ok, ok, enough blogging about cleaning , and back to real cleaning....


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love Cindy's voice. Happy cleaning!

Jen said...

Girl, you have a roomba??? I'm so jealous. Do you loove it?