Thursday, May 20

Happy Thursday!

I'm so happy this morning because I have the entire day off today! And I woke up to this gorgeous flower which bloomed overnight... isn't it wild?
I just checked the weather and although it's beautiful outside right now, they're calling for a thunderstorm later this afternoon. Did I ever mention how much I love thunderstorms?!

I hope you have a lovely day today : )


Tricia said...

Love the photo of everyone on the beach with the umbrellas--what was the occasion?

Blogs said...

That is such a pretty flower:) I love rain too...we play in it all the time:) Have a great one!

orange sugar home said...

I just posted on the most perfect boots for thunderstorms. Looks like you already have a cute pair. The flower is gorgeous and oh what a gift!!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

What kind of flower is that? Amazing.

Lady Grey said...

Tricia - the umbrella photo was at an outdoor concert in Montreal at summer.... where it rained harder than I've ever seen before!

Tanya - I have no clue what the true name of that flower is... it's some kind of Iris. I always thought it was called an "African Jumping Plant" until just now, when I googled it and discovered there was no such thing!